Senior Advisor
Rainer Hampp


Rainer Hampp advises companies and other organizations mainly associated with the media industry in the areas of market strategy, organizational design, and operational efficiency. When called upon, he serves as interim manager during organizational transitions.

Until 1992, Rainer Hampp was a divisional manager in what is now the company division ARVATO of Bertelsmann AG. He was responsible for the print and distribution activities in Southern Europe, South America, and North America serving twelve major companies with more than 7000 employees. He organized the restructuring and integration of acquired companies as well as the development of new printing ventures.

Rainer Hampp left Bertelsmann to pursue entrepreneurial ventures in printing and publishing until 2007. He managed a newspaper and also owned and managed a non fiction book publisher. During these endeavors, he implemented process improvements, modernized printing and publishing, and also initiated strategic takeovers of rival companies. Managing an offset printing company, Rainer Hampp implemented digital printing techniques and developed new business opportunities.

Rainer Hampp completed his masters in telecommunications engineering in Karlsruhe, Germany and began his professional career in 1966 at Siemens AG as project engineer. Afterwards, he worked for ten years at the Battelle-Institut in Frankfurt, the German branch of the Battelle Institute, based in Columbus, Ohio, which was at that time the world's largest international private research institution. Initially employed to conduct scientific research in communications and computer applications, he eventually became director for research and development. At Battelle, he was responsible for a scientific staff of 250 in the areas of communication, mechanical engineering, nuclear reactor safety, and economic research.

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